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>>> Read the transcript of our Elvis Stojko chat.

>>> So hot it will melt the ice, Canon SK8 with Elvis Stojko & Special Guests hits 11 Canadian cities in November 2002 with a show that takes figure 1xbet skating as-you-know-it and rotates it 180 degrees.

Mixing triple toe loops and graceful figure eights with daredevil jumps and groovy sounds from DJ Chris Sheppard, SK8 is Stojko's first Canadian skating tour since turning pro in March. The three-time World Champion; two-time Olympic Silver Medallist 1x bet tanzania and seven-time Canadian Champion will be joined by a cast of Olympic, World and National Champions, including Tara Lipinski, Brian Orser and Elena Berezhnaya & Anton Sikharulidze to name a few.

Canon SK8 with Elvis Stojko & Special Guests will excite your mind and move your soul. It is a cocktail of world-class athletic and artistic talent, musical genius and visual stimulation. It will dazzle the young and old while raising 1xbet app android the bar of figure skating to new heights.

Experience the intensity, energy and edge of SK8 intimate and live at an arena near you. Canon SK8 with Elvis Stojko & Special Guests.


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